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Our ERP Solutions

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Solutions for Hospitals

A complete Hospital Information Management System

Our high quality Hospital Information Management System incorporates all features that come under the umbrella of NABH standards.It provides various modules like flawless data security, fluid communication between doctors, nurses and the management staff, efficient pharmacy management, lab and online report generation, inventory and store management, canteen management and many more.

Solutions for Universities & Colleges
Solutions for Universities & Colleges

Solutions for Universities &Colleges

Efficient University &College Management System

Our powerful University management system seamlessly integrates various modules like admissions, enrolment, library, student and faculty, exam grades and more - thus providing maximum organisation and optimally utilising resources.

GPS Solutions

Accurate ready-to-use Geolocation System for Radio Taxi Booking | Geo-Attendance System

LOCATION Tracking, data collection as well as the making of new files of geographical locations are all rolled up into our GPS Solutions Software. Our solutions provides GIS data kntegration compatibility, attribute accuracy as well as universal device compatibility.

Solutions for Universities & Colleges
Office CRM Solutions

Office CRM Solutions

Systematic Business Process Management System

Our CRM Software provides efficient integration and automation of customer sales, marketing and customer support. It benefits businesses by providing appropriate multichannel integration, boosting customer lifetime profits, proper customer segmentation and the like.

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